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Credible Kotex

Everybody talks about a brand's "voice" nowadays. Recently, that got me thinking about the accent that companies have when they communicate with customers, employees and the rest of their ecosystems. Today, the most important aspect of your communication is empathy, a reflection that your company understands; that you "get it." And, getting it is a reflection of the degree of harmony among three aspects of your communication: message, manner and medium. When those three are in sync, you're credible. 

Earlier today, my friend Esther Brady Crawford posted this brief piece on her terrific new site, ShePosts. In it, she points to this new ad for Kotex tampons. Before anything, watch the ad. 

Notice how engaging that ad is? It's the empathy that makes it so. 

The young woman who's speaking is obviously credible. Notice that she starts with a question/answer: "how do I feel about my period? Uh, we're like this (fingers crossed); I love it." In case we didn't get the irony, cue the uplifting music. That plus the twinkle in her eye lets you know that you (the woman watching the ad) and she are in on an inside joke: feminine protection product ads are ridiculous. 

So, the message is, this is a no-BS tampon ad. 

And, it's delivered in a no-BS manner. Anti-BS, actually. And, in fact, it's part of Kotex's "Declaration of Real Talk" campaign. (Why couldn't they have called it TrueTalk?!??) 

Oh, and the medium? Have you seen an ad recently that appropriates so many of its category's visual symbols and memes so effectively? I haven't. 

This is the way brands need to communicate today. 

Credibility and trust are built on the solid foundation of empathic messages—not sappy emotionalism but a reflection of a genuine understanding of the customer's world—expressed in a 21st century manner and taking full advantage of the power of the medium in which it is published

Put those three together. That's how to show you "get it," like Kotex.

Don't be the product, buy the product!