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Dan Brown: Dialect Coach

The other day, I posed the question: does your company speak with an accent? What I meant was: are you communicating messages to your customers, employees and ecosystem in a manner that reflects old ways of thinking? 

Now, remember, it's often difficult to recognize our own accents; they sound so natural. Of course town hall meetings and email memos are the way to inform employees about important organizational changes, right? How else would you do it?

So, it's helpful to have examples of other accents so that we can actually hear the differences between the way we say things and the ways others do. 

In that spirit, I bring you Dan Brown. Dan's a young man who has some things to say (a message) about education. But if you listen closely—that is if you listen empathically to his description of his experience—you'll also hear a message that is relevant to your organization. Remember, Dan and his friends are either already part of your work force or soon will be. Think about how the things he's saying about education are relevant to your business. 

Pay particular attention to Dan's accent—the manner in which he speaks. I suggest we all need go get used to hearing intelligent, passionate people speaking in this way: clear, focused, challenging, committed, impatient...well, you decide how to best describe it. 

The point is, if you can't figure out how to express your messages this way, get yourself a "dialect coach" who can help you learn to. 

'Cause the cultural vernacular is changing and your business can't afford to sound Elizabethan in a 21st century world.

Hat tip to my friend Johnnie Moore for pointing out the source of the video.

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